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幕後花絮 —— 造型篇 Behind the Scenes: Styling Edition


When it comes to visual arts, nothing is more important than the visual aspect. Not only did we go all out with hair and makeup, styling, and costumes, we even had wig consultants! Look through our gallery for a sneak peek at everyone putting in hard work.


We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the entire styling crew:

造型頭 Head Styling:Jenna Robinette

化妝師 Key Makeup:巫沐槿 Vicky (Mujin) Wu

髮型 Hair Stylist:田雨璇 Anna Tian

妝髮助理 Hair and Makeup Assistant:徐敏涵 Minhan Hsu

假髮顧問 Wig Specialist:崔裕 Yves Tsu

刺青特殊妝 Tattoo Specialist:許雅蓁 Fanny Hsu

服管 Wardrobe Supervisor:呂月文 Yuewen Lu

造型協助 Styling Assistance:李怡穎 Yiying Lee

妝髮支援 Hair and Makeup Reinforcements

- 陳姿婷 Rola Chen

- 韓相儒 Money Han

- 謝妍甄 Anna Hsieh

- 許嘉琦 Becky Hsu

- 李淑君 Joanna Lee

- 莊季沄 Jiyu Zhuang

- 陳奕存 Emma Chen

沒有你們就沒有我們!We could not have done this without you!